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Seeking True North: The Pathway to Freedom, Beauty and Success is based on a beautiful, true story combined with practical tools and strategies to achieve what you seek in life. It is packed with personal & business development models, methods, tools and habits. The story follows two main characters, Freedom and Beautiful, through a four-day leadership advance as they realize universal lessons from an Older Facilitator and Younger Facilitator. The platform for the book involves the True North Compass which includes the major components of Prepare, Practice, and Passion. 120 models, methods, and tools are referenced throughout the story. Part 2 of the book describes these concepts in detail so that the reader may consider the applications in their own life. Seeking True North has been hailed as an outstanding success by Best Selling Authors, Business Executives, Training and Development Professionals, and by the World’s Greatest Adventurers.

“Seeking True North is educational, motivational, challenging, convincing, inspiring, and entertaining. You can read this book in about an hour. You will come back to the principles it teaches for a lifetime.”
— Dr. Charles “Tremendous” Jones

“Powerful and practical life success strategies for investing in your most important assets…read this book and reap the benefits-now!”
—Phil Town, New York Times Best Selling Author of Rule # 1

“Tim and Erick have packed more powerful lessons into one-hundred or so pages than most authors do in a thousand…”
—Jim Cain, Ph.D., Author of Teamwork & Teamplay and A Teachable Moment

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The True North Compass

True North Compass

First Introduction


Every once in a while you read something that has a major positive impact in your life. Maybe it’s a touching story that you can relate to. Maybe it’s a concept that has been in your subconscious waiting to surface. Whatever its form, it will be something that leads you toward the destiny you have envisioned. My expectation is that Seeking True North will be one of these books for you.


You may recognize the picture of the Tetons, from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on the cover of this book. You may or may not realize that the photograph was actually taken facing west, yet the compass arrow faces north. One day one of my climber friends looked at the cover and asked, “What’s the deal?”

“Here’s the deal,” I replied. “The picture is a metaphor for our story. The compass is a universal symbol of direction and navigation. Seeking True North is about making the pathway through life easier and more fulfilling. To me, the mountains are symbolic of many things, including freedom and beauty. The main characters in our book are named Freedom and Beautiful. Our story is about seeking freedom in our attitude and actions every moment of the day, and living the beauty that life has to offer.”

“Whoa! I think I’ll read the book…!”

Who This Book Is For

If you are a leader, manager, teacher or facilitator, this book is for you. If you are an individual seeking to optimize your experience here on planet Earth, this book is for you. It is the culmination of years of experience of working with individuals, teams, and organizations to address the challenges that matter most. Over the years, “Master Rick” (as I fondly refer to my co-author) and I have facilitated many multi-day corporate retreats together. This is our area of expertise. At the conclusion of each retreat we stand before our participants to review the insights and applications we have discovered during our time together. These strategy sessions consistently produce an incredible number of personal and professional take-aways. We have been asked on many occasions when we would write a book about it all. Well, here it is!


What you are about to read is simple, yet not simplistic. As you will see, the True North model of Prepare, Practice, and Passion is one that makes universal sense. It is a process of human evolution in which we all search out ways to “succeed” in life and to help others to do the same. Each of us may have a different definition of success, but we all have the opportunity to create our own future, to clarify and visualize our desired end results, to prepare by seeking models, methods, and tools that create success as we define it, to wake up every day excited to be alive, and to live a life of passion!

These are the things that I need to know, and the things I remind myself of every day. If you are ready to experience insights that will have a major, positive impact in your life, then sit back, relax, and enjoy our story.

-Tim Walther

Second Introduction

Do you ever have a desire to make every day count for good? Do you want more free time to spend with family and friends? Do you want to make more money with less effort and have fun every day? Do you wish it was easy and simple to have all those great attributes of a quality life.

It can be very simple… with the right tools and systems. Your professional and personal life can be greatly enhanced by choosing the right tools, and by using them in a consistent manner.

Deep inside, we each long for fulfillment, love, and peace in life, and for the means of attaining the same. We are not alone in our search for meaning and purpose and for the right vehicles to attain those ends; every human being longs to know the reasons for existing each and every day.

For all of us, Seeking True North is a constant, enjoyable pursuit; a process of knocking, asking, and learning about who we sense we must be. At some point we must ask ourselves, “What freedom do I want in my life?” and, “What is beautiful to me in life?”

So what is “True North” as we refer to it in this book?

It is known by many names. It is similar to the “meaning” that Viktor Frankl describes in his book, “Man’s Search for Meaning.” It resembles what easterners call “Oneness,” and what the pastor of my church calls “The God Hole.” It is near to what William W. Woodbridge identifies as “That Something” in his book of the same name.

The “True North” in your life will be unique. How you explore the reality of “True North” in your life remains to be discovered.

As you will discover in this book, there are many vehicles, tools, models, and methods for Seeking True North.

My close friends know that a big part of seeking my “True North” is something I do every day. Upon waking each morning, I say aloud to myself, “Today is one of the most incredibly awesome days of my entire life.”

Some of my friends question, in a positive way, that every day could be the most incredibly awesome day of my entire life. You might question it as well if you were stuck with me for an entire day!

As a third-generation carpenter, I have to have many tools in my tool belt and tool box to use on a variety of building projects. As humans we need a variety of tools in our life mastery tool belt to create a more meaningful, effective, and productive life. I trust that you will find at least a few tools within this book that will help you in seeking your True North. I can honestly say that the incredible Master Tim Walther and I use all of these tools on a continual basis. The tools work or we would toss them!

I expect that this book will become instrumental in bringing positive growth in your life.

As a fellow member of the human race, I humbly encourage you to always continue Seeking True North.

After you read this book and begin using some of the tools within, I hope our paths will cross and we can share our discoveries for making a positive difference in our lives. I’m sure I will learn something from your sharing.

Meanwhile, I continue my seeking…

-Erick Erickson

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