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PHIL TOWN is IN! – Investment Master to Speak at Seeking True North!

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Yep – It’s true. I spoke with my good friend Phil Town and he is joining us in Jackson Hole to share insights that will blow you away. Multi-Million Dollar Secrets coming your way!

Entrepreneurial Freedom

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Most entrepreneurs create their life style around one thing – FREEDOM. Is this true for you? This is certainly true for me. The ironic thing is that many business owners can find them in a situation where ultimately they do nothing but work on their own business! Eban Pagen is one of my mentors. In this video he covers a couple methods on how to avoid being held hostage by your business. They include the guardian of the black bock and being chained by micro-management. Good stuff. Enjoy!

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Do you have a business you love?

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Phil Town is a good friend and a genius investor. But he wasn’t always that way. His early days were spent as a river guide and, let’s just say, on the lower financial scale of life.  His investment began with $1000, 5 years later he was a millionaire. Now he teaches strategies to millions of people and brings the concepts down to simple strategies the layperson investor can understand and implement! He wrote Rule # 1, a NY Times Bestseller and has his newest book, Payback Time, slated to be released early 2010.

In the words of Warren Buffet, there are only two rules. #1: Don’t lose money. # 2: Don’t forget Rule # 1!  

On the journey of Seeking True North, we understand that success leaves clues and that our strategy for success can be made profoundly easier by modeling patterns from the success of others.  I love this approach because, as Phil explains, our investment strategy begins with looking at the businesses you already love and are passionate about.  Wouldn’t it be great to learn from a guy like Phil Town about how to master our finances?

Are you living to your true potential? Notes on Self Actualization and Happiness –

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

This is an email i got from my good friend and mentor, Dr. Rich Handley. I am so convinced of the value of Emotional Intelligence and the concepts that help us all to live to our true potential!  Enjoy! 

Notes on Happiness:

Happiness, Optimism, and Self Regard are all correlates of Self Actualization. Generally speaking…if you are high in Self Actualization…it generally boosts your level of Happiness and Optimism as well as your Self Regard.  Think of Self Actualization as the “Silver Bullet” of Happiness.  Self Actualization is about having a sense of vision, direction, purpose,  & meaning in life, with a sense that one is a living a life that counts.  “Human beings want to have meaning,” says Martin Seligman, University of Pennsylvania psychologist and director of the Positive Psychology Network.  Additionally, Self actualization acts as the Silver Bullet for unlocking potential:  Vision creates Passion for life…Passion Fuels Drive…Drive Unlocks Potential.

Seligman defines three categories of happiness. “The first is ‘the pleasant life': the Goldie Hawn, Hollywood happiness–smiling, feeling good, being ebullient. The problem with the pleasant life is that not everyone can have it.” And that, he says, is a matter of genetic predisposition. Research on identical twins has shown that up to 50% of one’s degree of Happiness is genetic. 

Maybe you are in the other 50%.  But, says Seligman, “these people are capable of the second form of happiness: ‘the good life.’ It consists first in knowing what your strengths are and then recrafting your life to use them–in work, love, friendship, leisure, parenting. It’s about being absorbed, immersed, one with the music.”

Seligman calls his third and ultimate level “the meaningful life.” It consists, he says, “in identifying your signature strengths and then using them in the service of something you believe is bigger than you are.” And you don’t have to be conventionally happy to achieve it. “Churchill and Lincoln,” Seligman says, “were two profound depressives who dealt with it by having good and meaningful lives.” 

The Most Powerful Number In The World

Notice Dr. Seligman’s previous emphasis on one, and doing something “bigger than you are”. This is the key to finding ultimate meaning in life.  The Hebrew Word “echad” often translated as “one” means much more…it means “unity”, or “compound unity”.  Applied to this discussion, it means:

1)     Becoming one or living in unison with your true divine purpose…something bigger than your are…to become one with it…you have to find it…once you do, it will transform your life because it gives energy because you will be doing what you love…what you truly were meant to do, which means you will never have to work another day in your life!

2)    Being one or living in unison with that purpose within yourself.  To know it or say we know our purpose is one thing…but to live it is another.  Living in unison with our purpose within ourselves means not being divided in one’s mind, or double minded…such as when we are conflicted over our true purpose, saying we stand for something, but living something else…remember…the power is in being single minded, not divided in our focus…living in unison with our true purpose…a laser like compound unity that brings all one’s being to focus on true purpose.

3)    Being one with others in that you are living a life that counts by living a life in unison with your divine purpose by making a difference in the lives of others.  Living with others not against others. 

Purpose and meaning is a search for significance that we seek that will live past us…our true legacy…by the difference we make in the lives of others…one person at a time.

The Need for People

The two factors that may matter most are marriage and religious belief, Seligman says. “Married people are happier than any other configuration of people. And religious people are usually happier than nonreligious people.”  Perhaps both of these represent the idea that none of us are islands unto ourselves, and the need we have to live in unity or harmony with others.

Don’t Worry—Be Happy

You can still beat the odds by lowering your stress level, says Dr. David Spiegel, director of Stanford’s Psychosocial Treatment Laboratory. “We did a study of metastatic-breast-cancer patients in which we measured diurnal levels of cortisol [a stress indicator],” Spiegel says. “The women who had the highest levels had survival rates a year and a half shorter than women with the lowest cortisol levels.”

Happiness isn’t so much a euphoric state of self-satisfaction as it is a full-time job. It can be practiced and mastered.  Happy people are very good at managing emotion.

And what makes us happy? It is “the ability to practice appreciation or love,” says Baker. “That sounds sappy, but studies show that when people engage in appreciative activity, they are using more neocortical, prefrontal functions–higher-level brain functions.”

I once was struggling with a question of trying to do something bigger than myself, and whether what I was doing was the “right thing”.  I had a wise friend from the Middle East who was perhaps the overall most broadly knowledgeable person I have ever met.

He told me: “If what you are wanting to do magnifies your creator, is good for all, and is a harm to none…then it is the right thing and will be done.”  I thought about that from many angles…now I pass that on to you to ponder about what you are doing.


Friday, April 24th, 2009

Wow, what and exciting past few weeks and and exciting future ahead! I am writing now from our Californina office where things are ramping up quite nicely.  Here are a few recent highlights!

Multi-day Team Building event with Web-Sense in Jackson Hole – Grand Dynamics delivered an action packed multi-day program for Web-Sense participants from across the globe. More than 42 participants representing more than 15 countries converges in Jackson Hole to celebrate their success and foster team-work and collaboration. Our three days includes a custom-designed sled-building event, an intown teaming with GPS program and complex search and rescue scenario on snow-mobiles! Thanks to the awesome GDI Team – Chuck, Diane, Adrian, Rob and Brendan – for spot on delivery.

Data-Net Solutions Team-Building - I travelled to San Diego to work with Data-Net President Mandy Parent and her Datanet team. What a pleasure that was!  What can I say about Mandy Parent? She’s AWESOME!  She exemplifies exceptional leadership and continiues to make her professional, team and organizational development a MUST.  The program was a series of team initiatives that provoked excellent insights about how to foster a positive culture and environment for success. It continues to be an honor to work with Mandy and her team – a relationship we have mainted for more than 5 years!

STAFFING UPDATES – We are excited to have Stephanie Sibille joing the Grand Dynamics as Western States Regional Director. She will be representing Grand Dynamics at industry conferences, including the upcoming Association for Experiential Education Western Region conference and, and leading sales efforts with Holly Baade in the Western States region, including San Francisco Bay area events. Stephanie is a sharp, energetic individual and we are excited to have her join our team! Welcome Stephanie!

Summer Interns – We are also excited to be finaliziing our Grand Dynamics summer interns for both Jackson Hole and New Yor offices. I’ll comment more about that later – but it is always great to share the wealth of experience with excited interns!  


COINS 3 Peak Challenge – UK – and USA!   One may 6, the GDI Team is travelling to the UK to climb the high peaks of Scotland, England and Whales in the Number 1 construction industry networking and fundraising adventure!  Check it out!  And what’s more is that we are doing so to create the Coins 3 Peak Challenge – USA!  This construction industry networking and fund-raising adventure will take place September 19-20 in the North East where teams of 4 will climb the high peaks of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont!

SEEKING TRUE NORTH – LAKE PLACID – check out the info about this incredible opportunity!  Rick and I will be together with whoever wants to join us for this amazing weekend of leadership development in an inspiring setting. This will take place over Memorial Day Weekend. Please register today and join us!  See the Compass on this home page for Seminar info and registration.

SEEKING TRUE NORTH – BALTIMORE – One June 11th we will be delivering a one-day program for CFMA members and is also open to the public to join us for the ACTION-PACKED LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT DAY!  I will be joined with the great Todd Walther, brother and GDI managing partner. Todd primed the pumps with his CFMA breakfast presentation – Riding the Possibility Curve  and Seeking True North.  Todd facilitated a series of leadership development topics related to HOW WE VIEW THE WORLD, our perspectives on business and how we can optimize our resources and experiences during current economic challenges.  Yeah Todd!  Register today! See the compass on this page for seminar information.

SEEKING TRUE NORTH JACKSON HOLE – Another STN event at the place where it all began – Jackson Hole WYoming!  Save the date for this incredible event the end of September this year.See the  Compass on this home page for Seminar info and registration.

TIM’s ADVENTURES – Well – I am off for my annual Spring Abalone Diving Trip!  What an adventure it will be. Diving 30 feet down to search for the elusive abalone amidsts crashing waves, flowing kelp and abundant rocks… let’s not forget dodging great white sharks! (Keep your fingers crossed for me!)  From there we will head to Yosemite Valley for a couple days of rock climbing!  Gary, my long time friend and climbing parner will be there and I can’t wait for the Yosemite Cracks!   I will give updates upon my return next week.

Keep on smiling … and LIVE YOUR ADVENTURE!


So you say you want a RESURRECTION? Well, SOMEBODY has GOT to DIE!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

On Easter, Holly and I went to the Agape Spiritual Center to experience Sunday Service there and meet  Michael Bernard Beckwith. A friend of mine, Christine Stevens, told me about the Service.  She joined us for the experience and then left later that day for Iraq. She will be on a tour  delivering healing drum circle lessons among the war-torn Iraqi people.  She is amazing. And so was this meeting with Michael Beckwith – which was a long-time in the making as I have been a big fan of since I was exposed to his principles in movie “The Secret”. Since then I have been studying his work, listening to his CD’s and his name has been popping up all around me. I find it was no coincidence then, that I was supposed to meet him! Look Familiar?  Just after this, he turned to me and said, “Ahhh, yes. Brother Tim.”  As he looked at his signed copy of Seeking True North and said “THIS is mine!” Sweet.

Spiritual Connections

Spiritual Connections

What an experience it was! Wow. 3000 people. Maximum capacity. Mixed ethnicity. The Services (yes, I went to two of them back to back) began with a silent meditation session for 20 minutes, which then transitioned into the sounds of an amazing Harp, joined by a violin, and eventually by the rest of The Agape International Band!  Quite the way to set the tone.  Michael acknowledged the band and others and opened up by recognizing those outside – in the standing-room overflow area watching screens, “To those that will soon be listening to the CD, to all people, wherever you are – that we are all in the space of cosmic intelligence and releasing the high vibration and activating what is already within us. Immerse yourself in divine creativity. You are the emanation of divine potentiality and the evolutionary impulse. And you have got to go deep within to discover your own deep well spring.”

Here is some of Michael’s “Natural Sound:”

Let go of the LITTLENESS! What do we need to “let go” of, in order to evolve in our enlightenment? Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die!  So what has to die?  The first is our “littleness,” which I liken to a sense of lack or limited thinking. I ONLY have a little of this, or a LITTLE of that… Do you ever take a breath of air and thin to yourself at the same time, there might not be enough for the person next to me? HA! Take what you HAVE and bless it! if you are living in the “littleness” you are not necessarily afraid to fail, but to live!  IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY LIVING LIFE TO ITS FULLEST – you ARE FAILING!  Be WILLING to let that which does not serve us to be gone!

What ELSE has to die?  How about the LABELS which others put on us, we put on others or we put on ourselves? What if your brother was the one on death row?  What if you treated every person with love, as if the brother or sister?  Are we using positive LANGUAGE in regard to our SELF analysis? Are we aware of when we put someone into a box that might not fit? Ourselves in a box that is limiting?

When you consider a situation, consider that the race is already won before you start! (But you still have to win the race:O)  What old paradigms are dying?! What unsustainable practices are dying?!  The Acorn is looking at the Oak Tree saying, “It’s finished!”

Jesus was “A deep dude!”  (Love that.) And he was one that found enlightenment in one lifetime and was able to allow the falseness to dissolve. As he was crucified on the cross, he was joined by the two thieves, representing the past and the future.  TODAY thou shalt be with me here in paradise. Every Saint has a past and every Sinner has a future. And when you are in your darkest moment, realize that YOU WERE BORN INTO THIS MOMENT that would not have been revealed without this current experience. And it is in these moments that we may forge our greatest power.

“So shall we all – So shall it be!”

Move beyond your littleness, your labels. Move into the NOW and take your leap into LIVING!