Do you have a business you love?

July 26th, 2009

Phil Town is a good friend and a genius investor. But he wasn’t always that way. His early days were spent as a river guide and, let’s just say, on the lower financial scale of life.  His investment began with $1000, 5 years later he was a millionaire. Now he teaches strategies to millions of people and brings the concepts down to simple strategies the layperson investor can understand and implement! He wrote Rule # 1, a NY Times Bestseller and has his newest book, Payback Time, slated to be released early 2010.

In the words of Warren Buffet, there are only two rules. #1: Don’t lose money. # 2: Don’t forget Rule # 1!  

On the journey of Seeking True North, we understand that success leaves clues and that our strategy for success can be made profoundly easier by modeling patterns from the success of others.  I love this approach because, as Phil explains, our investment strategy begins with looking at the businesses you already love and are passionate about.  Wouldn’t it be great to learn from a guy like Phil Town about how to master our finances?

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