TED – brilliant speakers; Entertaining and insightful videos, and you?

October 27th, 2009

I don’t have television, and haven’t for a long time. I spend my evening late night relaxation-chill time reading, writing and occationally watching news and on-line videos. My favorite source for entetaining and inspiring videos is Ted Talks.  Check it out. www.ted.com  It’s great because they are all short videos, about 20 minutes, and brings the best of the best from each speaker. Last night I watched Tim Ferris on learning, Martin Seligmen on Optimism, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi about FLOW.   Here is the Mihaly video for you to check out.  I have studied his work for years and have certainly experienced it in a variety of settings.  I love the model of Challenge and Ability and all the emotional states in between.  Flow comes to me in many forms. Playing music (percussion), rock climbing (long alpine routes most notably), writing (when I am fully engaged in the content), speaking (when I SHOW UP and am open to my own improv), and I could list a few more but will hold with that.

Check it out, and then be prepared to get hooked on TED! 

When you do, let me know what creates FLOW FOR YOU, will you?

Ubuntu Referenced by S. Africa’s President in Leadership and the Nobel Peace Price

October 12th, 2009

Many of you know that Ubuntu is a “calling card” Grand Dynamics opening greeting and ice-breaker. And this is why!

The ‘awesomeness’ of Barack ObamaU.S. president

U.S. president’s winning of Nobel Peace Prize elicits Russian leader’s praise, Republican rivals’ ridicule…  more here…

South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, cited a Zulu term – “Ubuntu,” which refers to the importance of community – in saying Obama’s “leadership reflects the true spirit of Ubuntu because your approach celebrates our common humanity.”

Unbelievable! WOW – Grand Dynamics IMPACT

October 12th, 2009

I love this time of year.  September and have October have been filled with mind blowing experiences. Here are a few highlights!

The Coins Three Peaks Challenge – USA –

An unbelievable construction industry charity event we developed in collaboration with the Coins Foundation that involved teams of 4 climbing 3 North East Peaks (Whiteface in NY, Manadnock in NH and Mansfield in VT) all in 24 hours! Check it out!

Seeking True North Jackson Hole 

The advanced Grand Dynamics multi-day open enrollment program focused on integrating the STN models, methods and tools and including leadership strategies, complex team adventures, neuropsychology, facilitation techniques and more!  A few program highlights included a Native American Sweat Lodge and purification ceremony, Tyrolean traverse bridge building and Iron Chef cooking competition.  Thanks to all who can out!  Birget we can’t wait to be together soon in NY :o) A special shout out to the California contingency – Stephani and Holly – YOU ROCK!

CFMA Spring Creek – 10 year anniversary  

This year marked 10 beautiful years with our partner, the Construction Financial Management Association. Two groups, each coprised of about 25 finance professionals in the construction industry – engaged in an experience of a life time with Grand Dynamics lead facilitators Rick Erickson and Tim Walther.  More to come on this – and a special THANK-YOU to all who SHOWED-UP!!!!!

Not to mention – the Great Will Leggett has been rocking programs across the North East. From Catapult Building events and Collaborative GPS and facilitate managment advances – GREAT work willie!

I look forward to working and playing with you all soon!

Live your Adventure –


Success Strategies Interview with Arno Ilgner and The Warrior’s Way

September 14th, 2009

ROCK CLIMBING!!! What about it?  There are many lessons we can glean from the rock climbing metaphor of life.  I have many heros and mentors in the climbing world and Arno Ilgner ranks up there in the highest peaks. WHY is that? Because of many of his bold first ascents? While the first ascent and bold climbing feats are impressive, that is not why I choose to focus on the strategies that Arno emodies. What Arno has done is created a way for us to understand the power of the psychology behind climbing. In his book, The Rock Warriors Way: Mental Training for Climbers – he enlightens us to many aspects about awareness and action.

My personal Connection

I can say that I have been in a variety of life-threatening situations and many of which I can directly attribute a particular factor that saved my life. One of these situations was during the crux of a first ascent in the remote jungles of Cambodia. And I can also say that the words of Arno Ilgner were deeply ingrained into my subconscious mind – and that the action that came forth was my unconscious reaction to the situation at hand. Before I go on too long, I’d like to suggest that you check out this webinar interview. This piece of work focuses on the exporation of Arno’s latest mental strategies for climbers, particularly in the areas of Process Goals, Stress and Learning. These important concepts can be applied to our lives in many ways.

Take a look by clicking the link below and then come back and post a comment!

Webinar Interview with Arno Ilgner.

Phil Town to share Personal Seeking True North Story and Payback Time Investment Strategies in Jackson Hole

August 26th, 2009

Hi Everyone,

WOW – am I excited!  On Friday afternoon, September 25, 2009 we will be joined by my good friend and Investment Strategy Master Phil Town.  Those of you in Jackson may know Phil or have seen him around town (ha, ha).  But then again, maybe not because he has a wild travel schedule, speaking to 20,000 people at a time!  (No kidding!) You might have heard about his NY Times # 1 Best Seller, Rule # 1.  You probably haven’t heard about his new book, Payback Time.  He told me that he had a 5 day window between Singapore and travel all over the US this fall, and he’s coming to Jackson to be with us!  Why? Because he not only BELIEVES in the Seeking True North message, but has LIVED IT.  Phil is an expert a knowing when to hold em, and when to fold em, so to speak.  He puts on his pants just like we do, except when he does he makes gold records. (ha! Obscure More Cowbell joke)

Seriously, If you are going to be learning about financial success, why not go to an EXPERT?

I want you to learn all about investing in your most important assets while Seeking true North in your own life, regardless of whether or not you can make it to our seminar.  So here is a post for you that has success strategies about your relationships, peer groups, and strategies that are cross contextual. Yes, this is all part of the Grand Dynamics strategy to offer our perspective and empower individuals, teams and organizations – whether that comes across in a dialogue, email or our team building events, seminars or speakers.

So get this, part of Seeking True North is about surrounding yourself with a peer group that raises your standards. One principle I have known to be true is that our lives are a direct reflection of the EXPECTATIONS of our peers. Do your peers truly raise you up? Do you raise to the expectations of those around you?  Do your relationships serve you to evolve into your highest self? If your relationships do not serve you, consider the reframe of the relationship that empowers you to your highest self.

You may find this concept similar to the STN tool known as the Prax Factor, which in essence says that if you want more of a certain thing in your life, then seek out people that have those qualities! Want more happiness and laughter in your life? Then surround yourself with people that are happy and laugh a lot!  What qualities might you want more of in your life? Who might be someone that has those qualities? The same principle applies for anything you want more of. 

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that we all would like to make smart investment decisions, whether that is investing your energy, your time or your money.  Which leads me to another point, and that is that many success strategies are cross-contextual.  This means that what you learn in one situation can be applied to another. Where have you already been successful in your life? What strategies have worked for you already?  I can certainly vouch for this principle in my own life.  The first thing that comes to mind for me is Rock Climbing. That’s another post, another story, but my point is that when I apply those concepts that have brought me success in the mountains, I immediately begin to experience results in other parts of my life. And as I  continue to continue to seek out those people who have been VERY successful in many contexts, I begin to discover their patterns that I can apply in my life.

Yet another STN Principle is that SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES.  If you want to achieve a certain thing, there is a pretty good chance that there is someone out there that has already achieved it.  A personal motto I like to say a lot is that success is reserved for those that search it out!   Thus the Seeking part of the True North equation! Who might be a role models who has already achieved or is currently achieving the success you with to have? Generate your own list and find out what they are doing! And don’t forget the implementation part of it. Choose the action and begin to MODEL their success. Develop your sensory acquity along the way and notice what it working. Learn, adapt and continue on with power and confidence. Soon the results will be coming your way.   

I personally desire to continuously learn more about financial success. Phil Town has and continues to experience that. And What I love about Phil Town is that he started off, well, very similar to many of us in Jackson Hole who moved here to ski, climb or guide rivers.  And he took a borrowed $1000 and 5 years later had turned it into a million. Now he is one of the most sought after speakers on investment anywhere.

I’ll spare you the details of his rags to riches story (which is awesome by the way) and skip to the present. Phil town will be at Spring Creek Ranch on Friday afternoon from about  3-5 PM sharing his Seeking True North story and success strategies for investing.  Yes, Phil will be talking about investing. He’ll share secrets about how you can begin to capitalize on the current market, even if you have never traded a stock in your life. And for those that have, or do regularly, you’ll gain insight that could make all the difference. Yes, Phil will share secrets that could make you millions. And yes, the strategies that Phil will share will be concepts that you can APPLY to many aspects of your life. Remember, Success Strategies are cross-contextual!

Now you may or may not be a stock trader. You probably at the very least have a 401 K or an IRA or something of the sort.  Maybe you do have a bunch of stock and maybe you have lost a lot of it. Here’s what Phil has to say about his new book, Payback Time.  “PAYBACK TIME is about just that – how to get it back if you’ve lost it.  If you’ve been following my advice you should be in pretty good shape and now starting to get back into the market.  But millions are not. Most of these people are not people who are interested in investing, nor do they want to trade. They are buy and hold mutual fund investors.  And they’ve been killed financially.  Now all they are doing is praying the market will go back up.   In a recent email exchange with Phil he told me this: “This market is the opportunity of a lifetime for true north investors who understand the basics of great investing:  buy only wonderful businesses.  Buy them only when they are on sale. Knowing how much to pay for a business is all about knowing Payback Time.” 

WAIT! What if I can’t make it to the ENTIRE Seeking True North Weekend? 

Well, I want to make this presentation accessible for anyone interested. Of course, there is only so much room at Spring Creek, so we’ll have to cap the numbers, so if you are interested in attending this portion of the weekend, then contact us immediately at info@granddynamics.com to reserve your spot.  However, I want to reinforce that this weekend is about immersion into the MANY success strategies that apply to our lives personally and professionally.  The weekend is designed to take your life to new heights and to breakthrough anything in your way.  I look forward to seeing you there.  http://seekingtruenorth.com/a-personal-invitation/

Here are a few posts of Phil’s that I personally like. You might enjoy them:

About Phil Town: His story, information, links, etc:


Phil’s post about the MEANING of what you are investing in, and investing using your values to make decisions (awesome!)


Phil’s post on what you do if you don’t have the money:


Here’s a sweet video of Phil in Action:

Phil Town on CNBC from Phil Town on Vimeo.


I look forward to seeing you soon. Until then, LIVE YOUR ADVENTURE!


PHIL TOWN is IN! – Investment Master to Speak at Seeking True North!

August 24th, 2009

Yep – It’s true. I spoke with my good friend Phil Town and he is joining us in Jackson Hole to share insights that will blow you away. Multi-Million Dollar Secrets coming your way!