Free Gift – Webinar Interview THIS Thursday, AUGUST 20th, with Dr. Rich Handley on Leadership, Emotions and Executive Presence

August 18th, 2009

Hi Everyone!
I have an incredible gift I want to give to you. It’s about understanding, buy managing and leveraging our emotions to maximize our personal and professional impact. And it’s about that word we always here about, but often find difficult to explain: Leadership. Leadership on the new frontier of human and organizational potential is about optimizing people for success.

This Thursday evening, AUGUST 20th, as part of my Success Strategies Interview Series, I will have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Rich Handley, Dean of EQ University, about Leadership, Emotions and Executive Presence. I first met Rich about five years ago during my EQ Certification and have been utilizing the model of Emotional Intelligence for training, coaching and experiential leadership applications ever since. Dr. Handley is one of my personal mentors and I am excited to share his wisdom and insight with you! When it comes to understanding, managing and leveraging our emotions, Dr. Handley is THE MAN! I have included a little more information about Dr. Rich Handley below the registration for the Webinar.

Please forward this information to anyone you think could benefit!

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Success Strategies with Dr. Rich Handley: Leadership, Emotions and Executive Presence

Thursday, August 20th, 2009    

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM PDT

Join us for a Webinar on August 20th

Tim Walther, President of Grand Dynamics International and co-author of Seeking True North: The Pathway to Freedom, Beauty and Success, will hold a Success Strategies Interview with Dr. Rich Handley, a leading expert in the field of leadership development and Emotional Intelligence. The feature topic of this interview will be Executive Presence, which Dr. Handley refers to as the Leadership “X” Factor. Attendees will learn how to maximize their impact through understanding emotions and applying the four primary components of Presence: Vision, Projection, Control and Connection. This Webinar will include action steps for how to manage and “put your emotions to work” as well as the “silver bullet” of self-actualization. As a part of the Seeking True North Action Seminar, September 24-27 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, participants will receive a Leadership Executive Presence report and personal feedback with Dr. Rich Handley. This is a free webinar brought to you by Grand Dynamics International in collaboration with EQ University.

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

As a reminder, each Seeking True North Action Seminar Participant that registers by September 7th will receive their own Executive Presence report with your personal analysis of your leadership vision, projection, control and connection. You’ll also receive the BarOn EQ-I developmental report, which provides insight into fifteen major competencies for optimizing your performance. We’ll also be integrating the components of Leadership Presence with the Seeking True North model through an experiential framework throughout the weekend so you can fully assimilate these concepts into your personal and professional life.

If you are ready to join us for the Seeking True North Action Seminar, click on the personal invitation to the left of this post!

Here’s a little information about Rich Handley:
Dr. Rich Handley is the foremost expert on optimizing people for success by understanding and applying concepts of Emotional Intelligence. He is a leading business strategist in leveraged, high-performance human capital solutions and has worked extensively with Fortune 500 firms world-wide in areas such as employee selection, organizational and leadership development, employee development, and sales training. He also conducts the EQ-i® and the EQ360® certifications for EQ University, having certified more individuals world-wide than anyone.

Rich is the co-author of the book, Optimizing People, the EQ360 Assessment, the EQ Interview, the Behavioral Health Survey, and the Benchmark for Organizational Emotional Intelligence. His work has been featured in Fast Company Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Harvard Business Update, Training Magazine, H.R. Magazine, Controller Magazine, Selling Power, the Dallas Morning News, MSN, ABC and Fox News.
The Leaders job on the high performance frontier is about Influencing, training and developing people. In Rich’s new book, Leadership Presence, he explains the Leadership X Factor and how Emotionally Intelligent leaders have higher impact through stronger Vision, Projection, Control and Connection.

Have an incredible day, stay positive and powerful, and LIVE YOUR ADVENTURE!


Registration is on! (Plus some links so sweet posts)

August 17th, 2009

Hey Everybody!

I am SO excited about STN in Jackson and our registration release!  Psyched to see you here! Here’s a brief update.

I’m back in Jackson Hole. After a couple hours sleep yesterday, went into the mountains to climb the Grand Teton. We started at 1 AM from the Lupine Meadows Parking Lot in Grand Teton National Park.  By the time we were 2 hours in (at Garnet Meadows) we were walking through a blanket of snow!  The night before we took off (which was the same afternoon I arrived from the drive from California) there was a storm came through between 7 pm and 11 pm and completely changed the conditions on the mountain.  In other words, when I went to sleep for a few hours that night, the mountain was in one condition, when I woke up, it was in another entirely, but I didn’t know it!  Therefore, we planned on one set of gear, including lighter weight shoes, which wasn’t appropriate for the climb…

The hike was so beautiful and eveything was flowing, so we continued on our approach optimisitically and by the time we made it to the Lower Saddle our feet were just about frozen.  After a few minutes of reality testing, we decided to rest a few minutes and head back down.   It was a beautiful walk in the mountains.

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Tips for Meeting Planners!

August 3rd, 2009

We brought a flip cam to Salt Lake for Meeting Planners International conference. Stephanie and I interviewed several experts and put together a series of video – tips for meeting planners. You should know that Stephanie did all the editing – great job!

Let us know what you think about the tips.



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Entrepreneurial Freedom

July 27th, 2009

Most entrepreneurs create their life style around one thing – FREEDOM. Is this true for you? This is certainly true for me. The ironic thing is that many business owners can find them in a situation where ultimately they do nothing but work on their own business! Eban Pagen is one of my mentors. In this video he covers a couple methods on how to avoid being held hostage by your business. They include the guardian of the black bock and being chained by micro-management. Good stuff. Enjoy!

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Do you have a business you love?

July 26th, 2009

Phil Town is a good friend and a genius investor. But he wasn’t always that way. His early days were spent as a river guide and, let’s just say, on the lower financial scale of life.  His investment began with $1000, 5 years later he was a millionaire. Now he teaches strategies to millions of people and brings the concepts down to simple strategies the layperson investor can understand and implement! He wrote Rule # 1, a NY Times Bestseller and has his newest book, Payback Time, slated to be released early 2010.

In the words of Warren Buffet, there are only two rules. #1: Don’t lose money. # 2: Don’t forget Rule # 1!  

On the journey of Seeking True North, we understand that success leaves clues and that our strategy for success can be made profoundly easier by modeling patterns from the success of others.  I love this approach because, as Phil explains, our investment strategy begins with looking at the businesses you already love and are passionate about.  Wouldn’t it be great to learn from a guy like Phil Town about how to master our finances?

Everybody is amazing, Nobody is happy

July 18th, 2009



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