Seeking True North New Years Guide

December 31st, 2009

Here is a process that you might enjoy as you reflect on 2009 and consider all that you might create in 2010. Enjoy!

Step 1
Reflect on 2009:
Celebrate what was RIGHT in 2009:
Begin by reflecting on all the positive, capsule beautiful, price magical moments of 2009. Brainstorm all of the experiences, viagra people, relationships, emotions, decisions and whatever else you feel was a positive element in your life. Writing down the 12 months, January through December, often facilitates memories of that time of year. Where were you? What were you focused on? Who were you with? Why were you doing what you ere doing? What positive decisions did you make? What are you proud of? The focus here is on feeling good about all the things that you are grateful for in the year 2009.

What did you learn in 2009?
What are some lessons that you might find useful in bringing forward into 2010 and beyond? What was challenging about 2009? What do you NOT want to experience moving forward?
Consider what you have learned and any insights that you might find useful for creating a positive future in 2010.

Step 2: Create Momentum with a “life-list”
Create a positive state of physiology in your body to prepare for creating momentum in 2010. Stand up, shake your body out, go for a quick run, breathe, smile, get excited and expect great things are to come your way.

Brainstorm a list of all the things in life that you would like to experience in your future – 2010 and beyond. These can be BIG dreams and Goals for ANY time in your life. Write down even the most improbable or outrageous things that you can imagine that would excite you about living life. Experiences, people, relationships, emotions, decisions and whatever else you feel was a will bring fulfillment to your life.

Step 3: PREPARE for 2010
Take your momentum list and add additional clarity for 2010 by reviewing your brainstorm life-list and circling all those things that you would like to accomplish or move toward in 2010. Choose what you want to be prepared for and determine your desired end results. Write out your clearly defined desired end results, including a date by which you will achieve them. Expect that you will achieve your desired end results which are full of purpose and meaning. What beliefs must you have in order to accomplish your results? Why are you seeking to achieve them? What will it mean to you if you achieve them? What will it mean to you if you don’t?

Step 3: PRACTICE in 2010
How will you PRACTICE in 2010? What are your resources to support your goals? What systems will you utilize? How will you challenge yourself to step into the Growth Zone? What actions will you take to move toward your goals? How will you monitor your progress? How will you seek feedback along the way? How might you focus on the process as you move toward your desired end results?

Step 4: PASSION in 2010
Decide to create passion in 2010 and get excited! Your world is ready to be created and the universe is conspiring to do you good! How will you embrace the moment and create happiness and meaning in 2010? What positive people will you surround yourself with? How will you learn from the meaning of each experience? How will you feed your body, mind and spirit with positive, healthy food? How will you embrace the process in 2010?
Final Thoughts: Complete your journaling exercise by writing down whatever inspires you to create momentum in 2010. Consider all the positive emotions that you want to experience and how you will maintain a positive state of being, no matter what external event comes your way. Choose to be the master of your internal being and enjoy the process on your pathway to Freedom, Beauty and Success!

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